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Making Faux Flowers Look Realistic

We've all done it...we buy a beautiful arrangment of flowers that are all stuck together and we get home and PLOP that sucker right into a vase. We spread out the stems a little and call it a day.

Arranging Faux Florals

Well friends, it's time to level up our decor...and good news, it's really simple!
The goal is to make faux flowers look as realistic as possible...especially when we are using a glass vase! If you aren't using a traditional glass vase, consider using a mason jar, a vintage tin, or a funky tea pot...all of which you are bound to find here at Mrs. Pinkadot.

Faux Florals 101

Once you have the perfect container for your flowers, you'll be able to guage how long the stems need to be.

STEP ONE: With a pair of wire cutters, cut each stem from the base so that you have individual flowers and not one big bushel of them. 

Cutting Faux Florals

Bend your flowers just a little at the stem. It's rare to find flowers stick straight, so adding a bend will add to the realistic look you are going for!

If you can, add some filler that's a little different, but still coordinates with your florals. Greenery can be the perfect accent that will give your arrangement a fuller and more realisitc look. 

Now it's time to assemble your florals into your container. As you work around your filler, add taller stems to the center and shorter stems to the outside. Bend the flower heads just a bit so they are facing forward and make sure they are spaced fairly evenly throughout. 

Remember that your flowers traveled a long way to get to your home, so be sure to spread out the individual pieces on each stem. Fix any twisted leaves or odd bends and spread out the smaller stems or branches to fill in any gaps in your arrangment.

Arranging Faux Florals

Ok gang, that's it! It's an easy project, but an impactful one. For those of you with black thumbs, this is the perfect way to add a little life to your home without having to care for the real deal. They may not smell as good, but they'll look fantastic. Besides...that's why the make candles and room sprays!

Thanks for hanging out with us again today!

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